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Framing for art, photographs and memorabilia. All sizes!

At Framers’ Workroom, no framing is more important than framed artwork that is going to hang in a client’s home. We will guide you through the design and provide the execution of framing that will add the touch that reflects your personal style.

Custom Picture Framing Experts at Your Service

We will explain the options in picture framing materials. You may want a family heirloom framed with archival standards and conservation materials. Not all framing requires these standards. We allow you to make that choice. Even your favorite poster is offered the very best.

You will have access to our extensive collection of frame samples that include a wide variety of classic and contemporary styles. Custom matting and your glazing choice will enhance & protect your artwork. Your framing designer will help simplify these decisions for you.

We will bring our years of experience to the design table and put together framing that incorporates your taste and that works for you. You will feel comfortable that the right decisions were made for you and your framing project.