Preserving Memories of Summer

If photo albums are a book of memories, let framed images be the table of contents when preserving your memories of summer.

What if you were to preserve just one photo or piece of memorabilia from each vacation or getaway?  Each one stirring up the memories and taking you back to the

saving pictures from cell phone

A new spin on preserving memories saved on your cell phone.

photo album or perhaps a disk, a thumb drive or  computer where you’ve saved the remainder of the pictures.

Think about it.  We’re all carrying around these high quality cameras with us at all times.  We’re using these cameras and most of us aren’t saving and storing the images in a way to meaningfully capture the memories.

Here’s my suggestion for your next event, vacation or getaway: review all your pictures and just choose one to frame.  Let it be the one which represents the occasion.  Download the rest onto a thumb drive.  (Hey, they’re a lot cheaper than what it used to cost to develop a roll of film in the old days!)  Cut a small square piece of velcro and attach it to the thumb drive and on the back or side of the frame.  Viola!  You have all your memories right there!….Just like a book with its cover and a table of contents.

Imagine filling the walls in your home with the fond and fun memories of family and friends and then being able to pop that drive into a computer for instant access.  It’s a totally new spin on saving and storing pictures.  Considering the cost of photo albums, the cost of printing or developing and the risk of losing developed photos to fire or water damage, the thumb drive idea is very practical.

We love for you to share your style of using technology to save all those images you take on your handy pocket devices.

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